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Azhar Iqubal Net Worth: Unveiling the Wealth of the Business Tycoon

Dive into the world of business empires and uncover the untold riches of Azhar Iqbal, the mastermind behind one of the most successful companies. This article unveils the intriguing story of his financial journey, shedding light on his remarkable net worth and exploring the intricate details that have contributed to his wealth. Join us as we unravel the wealth dynamics of this business tycoon, from his humble beginnings to his current status as a financial powerhouse.

Key Takeaways:

azhar iqubal net worth

  • Azhar Iqubal’s net worth is estimated at Rs 500 crores.
  • He is the co-founder and CEO of InShorts, a news app with over 10 million active users.
  • InShorts has raised $119 million in funding, valuing the company at Rs 3,700 crores.

Azhar Iqbal’s Net Worth: Unveiling the Wealth of the Business Icon

Azhar Iqbal, the co-founder, and CEO of InShorts, is a renowned business figure with an estimated net worth of Rs 500 crore ($66.3 million***), as reported by Business Patrika.

Business Endeavors

InShorts, the revolutionary news app, has garnered immense popularity, amassing over 10 million active users. Under Iqbal’s leadership, the company has raised a staggering USD 119 million in funding, propelling its valuation to Rs 3,700 crores ($493.1 million).

Personal Investments

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Iqbal is known for his astute personal investments. His portfolio reportedly includes real estate, stocks, and venture capital funds, contributing significantly to his overall net worth.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Iqbal’s wealth extends beyond financial measures. He is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives, supporting education, healthcare, and social welfare programs. His commitment to giving back to the community further enhances his reputation as a respected and influential figure.


Azhar Iqbal’s journey from a budding entrepreneur to a business magnate is a testament to his acumen, determination, and the transformative power of digital media. His net worth serves as a reflection of his remarkable success, while his philanthropic endeavors underscore the positive impact he has made on society.

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Azhar Iqubal Net Worth 2023

Net Worth: Rs 500 Crore (as of 2023)

Azhar Iqubal is an Indian entrepreneur who co-founded Inshorts, a popular news aggregation app. Azhar Iqubal’s net worth has been steadily growing over the years due to the success of Inshorts, which has raised over $119 million in funding.

Iqubal’s business acumen and innovative ideas have contributed significantly to his wealth. He is also an active investor in several startups, further diversifying his portfolio and increasing his net worth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Azhar Iqubal’s net worth is estimated to be Rs 500 Crore as of 2023. [1]
  • His primary source of income is Inshorts, a news aggregation app he co-founded. [1]
  • Inshorts has raised over $119 million in funding, contributing to Iqubal’s wealth. [3]


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azhar iqubal net worth


Q1: What is Azhar Iqubal’s estimated net worth?

A1: Azhar Iqubal’s estimated net worth is Rs 500 crore as of 2023.

Q2: What is the name of Azhar Iqubal’s news app company?

A2: Azhar Iqubal is the co-founder and CEO of InShorts, a news aggregation app.

Q3: How much funding has Inshorts raised to date?

A3: Inshorts has raised over $119 million in funding.

Q4: What is the valuation of Inshorts after the latest funding round?

A4: Inshorts is valued around Rs 3,700 crore after the latest funding round.

Q5: What is Azhar Iqubal’s educational background?

A5: Azhar Iqubal is an IIT dropout.

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