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Unveiling the Vision: Inside Francis Chan Church

Welcome to a journey of exploration and enlightenment as we unveil the vision behind Francis Chan Church. In this captivating article, we will delve deep into the heart and soul of this influential faith community, known for its distinctive approach to worship, discipleship, and evangelism. As a seasoned journalist specializing in religious movements, I have meticulously researched and passionately investigated the nuances of Francis Chan Church, armed with an in-depth understanding of theology, sociology, and anthropology. Join me as we unravel the ethos, beliefs, and practices that set this remarkable church apart, offering a unique perspective on its place within the broader Christian movement. Get ready to be enthralled by the untold story of Francis Chan Church and its profound impact on the lives of its members and beyond.

Francis Chan Church

Francis Chan Church

Francis Chan Church, led by the renowned author and preacher Francis Chan, is a unique faith community that has gained significant influence and recognition within the broader Christian movement. With a focus on understanding and living out the teachings of the Bible, this church aims to confront lukewarmness in the Christian life and engage believers in a deeper, more transformative experience of faith.

Distinctive Vision and Ethos

At the heart of Francis Chan Church lies a distinctive vision that sets it apart from traditional church models. This vision centers on cultivating genuine discipleship and fostering a spirit of radical obedience to God’s Word. In a culture where many churches focus on attracting crowds and consumer-driven approaches, Francis Chan Church places an unwavering emphasis on the biblical call to sacrificial love and service.

Within this faith community, the ethos is one of wholehearted devotion, as members seek to embody the teachings of Jesus in every aspect of their lives. The emphasis is on living out what is preached, allowing faith to take root and transform both individuals and the broader community.

Worship and Communion

Worship within Francis Chan Church is characterized by passionate devotion and a hunger for encountering God. Services are marked by a dynamic and participatory approach, where members actively engage in heartfelt worship through music, prayer, and the study of Scripture. The aim is not simply to go through the motions, but to connect with God on a deep and personal level.

A key element of worship within Francis Chan Church is the celebration of the Lord’s Supper or Communion. This act of remembrance and unity holds great significance, as it serves as a reminder of the sacrificial love of Jesus and the importance of community within the body of believers. Participants engage in this act of worship with reverence and gratitude, recognizing the real presence of Christ in communion.

“In Francis Chan Church, worship is not just a ritual, but a heartfelt expression of gratitude and devotion. It is an opportunity to connect with God and experience His presence in a profound way.”

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

Central to the mission of Francis Chan Church is the development of disciples who live out their faith authentically and intentionally. Discipleship is approached as a lifelong journey of growth and transformation, rather than a checklist of religious activities. The focus is on cultivating a deep love for God and others, encouraging believers to actively live out their faith in practical ways.

The church provides various avenues for discipleship and spiritual formation, including small groups, mentoring relationships, and intentional community. These spaces allow for accountability, encouragement, and the exploration of faith together.

“In Francis Chan Church, discipleship is not a program, but a way of life. It is about embodying the teachings of Jesus and allowing faith to impact every area of our existence.”

Evangelism and Impact

Francis Chan Church is not content to keep their faith within the walls of their worship gatherings. A core belief within this faith community is the call to share the message of Jesus and make disciples of all nations. Members are encouraged to actively engage in evangelism, understanding that the Good News is transformative and meant to be shared.

Beyond personal evangelism, Francis Chan Church seeks to make a tangible impact in the world around them. This includes serving the marginalized, supporting missions, and striving for justice and compassion in society. The church’s commitment to sacrificial giving and service reflects their desire to bring the love of Christ to those in need.

“Francis Chan Church believes that the message of Jesus is too important to keep to themselves. They are passionate about sharing the Good News and making a difference in the lives of others.”

In conclusion, Francis Chan Church stands out as a faith community deeply committed to the teachings of the Bible. With a vision centered on genuine discipleship, passionate worship, intentional community, and transformative evangelism, this church continues to impact lives and inspire believers to live out their faith in radical ways.

Table: Francis Chan Church Overview

Vision– Cultivating genuine discipleship and radical obedience to God’s Word
– Challenging lukewarmness and consumer-driven approaches
– Placing emphasis on sacrificial love and service
Worship– Passionate devotion and hunger to encounter God
– Dynamic and participatory approach
– Music, prayer, and the study of Scripture
Communion– Act of remembrance and unity
– Significance of sacrificial love and community within the body of believers
Discipleship– Lifelong journey of growth and transformation
– Fostering deep love for God and others
– Small groups, mentoring relationships, and intentional community
Evangelism– Call to share the message of Jesus and make disciples
– Belief in the transformative power of the Good News
– Advocating for justice, compassion, and serving the marginalized
Impact– Tangible actions beyond personal evangelism
– Servitude to the marginalized
– Support for missions and pursuit of justice

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In this thought-provoking talk, Francis Chan challenges the audience to rethink their perspective on church and to consider whether their gatherings truly please God. He starts by questioning if God actually enjoys the church services as much as the people do. Too often, we assume that God loves our worship and offerings, but Chan reminds us that there were times in scripture when God expressed his displeasure with the noise of songs and prayers that lacked genuine hearts.

[youtube v=”tPQi8ZgBaMM”]

Chan then goes on to emphasize the importance of gathering together with the intention of serving and giving, just as Jesus did. He urges the audience to consider whether their motives for attending church are centered around self or if they genuinely desire to please God.

Furthermore, Chan raises the critical question of whether the church as we know it aligns with God’s desires. He shares his personal journey of starting a church 25 years ago with the intention of creating a pure space for teaching the word of God. However, as time went on, questions arose among the elders and staff members about whether their model of church truly pleased God.

This led Chan on a path of seeking God’s will and examining the scriptures for guidance. He highlights the command in Matthew 10:37, where Jesus states that those who love their family more than Him are not worthy of Him. Chan expresses his concern that he doesn’t see many people truly in love with Jesus in the church today. He notes that people often speak passionately about their hobbies and relationships, but when it comes to their love for Jesus, it seems lacking.

Chan poses the question of whether our church gatherings are truly focused on loving God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. He discusses the tendency to prioritize entertainment and external attractions to draw people to church, but wonders if this is actually offensive to God. He challenges the audience to reflect on whether their gatherings truly honor God or if they have profaned His name by prioritizing human desires over genuine worship.

In conclusion, Chan encourages the audience to reconsider their motives for attending church and to strive to create gatherings that truly please God. He emphasizes the importance of being in love with Jesus and seeking His will above all else. Chan’s message serves as a reminder to prioritize God’s desires and to approach church with a heart of service and devotion.

Francis Chan Church


Question 1: Who is Francis Chan?

Answer: Francis Chan is an American Protestant author, teacher, and preacher. He founded Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, and also started Eternity Bible College. Born to immigrant parents from Hong Kong, he had a difficult upbringing and experienced the loss of his mother and father at a young age. Chan has since become a prominent figure in the Christian community, emphasizing the importance of understanding and living out the teachings of the Bible.

Question 2: What is the history of Francis Chan Church?

Answer: Francis Chan Church, also known as “We Are Church,” was started by Francis Chan in 2011. After moving to San Francisco, Chan began a church planting network with the aim of fostering genuine biblical community. He later joined the board of elders at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship but has since moved back to Hong Kong and returned to the United States. Despite these transitions, the vision and impact of Francis Chan Church have remained significant.

Question 3: What distinguishes Francis Chan Church from other churches?

Answer: Francis Chan Church stands out for its unique approach to worship, discipleship, and evangelism. The community emphasizes a commitment to living out the teachings of the Bible and confronting lukewarmness in the Christian life. Their vision is centered on fostering authentic biblical community and ensuring a deep understanding of God’s Word. This sets Francis Chan Church apart from many traditional churches and contributes to its influence and impact.

Question 4: How has Francis Chan’s background influenced his beliefs and teaching?

Answer: Francis Chan’s background, characterized by personal loss and a difficult relationship with his father, has shaped his understanding of God and his theology. Through his experiences, Chan gained a deep understanding of the fear of God and the importance of sacrificial living. These influences are evident in his emphasis on authentic faith and discipleship, as well as his exploration of the real presence in Communion. Chan’s personal journey has played a significant role in shaping his beliefs and teaching.

Question 5: What is the current focus of Francis Chan Church?

Answer: Currently, Francis Chan Church is focused on serving the poorest area of Hong Kong, where Chan has been actively involved. Despite a recent return to the United States due to a denied visa, Chan intends to go back to Hong Kong in the future. The church’s mission remains centered on passionate worship, intentional discipleship, and evangelism that reflects the teachings of the Bible. Francis Chan Church continually seeks to make a positive impact within its local community and beyond.

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