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Unveiling Greg Laurie’s Age: Investigative Insights for History Enthusiasts

Unveiling Greg Laurie’s Age: Investigative Insights for History Enthusiasts

how old is greg laurie

As history enthusiasts, our desire to uncover the truth about influential figures knows no bounds. In this captivating article, we delve deep into the enigmatic life of Greg Laurie, a prominent modern figure whose impact on the religious landscape is undeniable. It is our mission to shed light on the burning question that plagues many minds: how old is Greg Laurie? With our expertise in investigative reporting and unrivaled research skills, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for accurate insights into the age of this remarkable individual. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we present meticulous findings that will satisfy your curiosity and broaden your historical knowledge.

How Old is Greg Laurie?

Greg Laurie, a prominent American evangelical author, pastor, and evangelist, has had a remarkable journey that spans over several decades. But how old is Greg Laurie exactly? Let’s uncover the truth behind this enigmatic figure’s age.

Greg Laurie was born on December 10, 1952, in Long Beach, California. As of today, he is 68 years old. His birth date provides a crucial anchor in understanding his life’s timeline and the significant milestones he has achieved.

At the age of 17, while attending Newport Harbor High School, Laurie had a life-changing experience that shaped his future. He became a devout Christian, setting the foundation for his remarkable ministry work and commitment to spreading the message of faith.

In 1973, at the age of 20, Laurie founded the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. This marked the beginning of his influential role as the senior pastor of the church, which he continues to fulfill to this day. Laurie’s dedication to his congregation and his impactful sermons have made him a well-respected figure in the evangelical community.

Apart from his leadership at the Harvest Christian Fellowship, Laurie is also known for his creation of the Harvest Crusades. These large-scale evangelistic events, established in 1990, have made a lasting impact across the United States. By bringing people together and sharing the message of hope, Laurie has touched the lives of countless individuals.

When faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of churches in California, Laurie adapted swiftly with a new approach. He launched the online church program “Harvest at Home,” which quickly gained popularity and became one of the most-watched internet worship services in America. With over 200,000 viewers weekly, Laurie’s digital ministry has reached numerous individuals in need of spiritual guidance and community.

Laurie’s commitment to reaching a broad audience extends beyond his ministry work. He has authored more than 70 books, including the notable work “The Upside-Down Church.” Moreover, he has contributed to the world of filmmaking, producing and writing six films that convey powerful messages of faith and inspiration.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Greg Laurie enjoys a fulfilling personal life. He resides in Newport Beach with his wife, Catherine, and together they have two sons and five grandchildren. This loving family dynamic provides a well-rounded perspective on Laurie’s life and the values he holds dear.

Greg Laurie’s age of 68 serves as a testament to his wisdom, experience, and ongoing impact on the evangelical community. His ministry, writing, and online services have touched the hearts and souls of countless individuals, offering them hope, guidance, and a deeper understanding of faith.

As a seasoned investigator and history enthusiast, uncovering the truth behind notable figures’ ages is a fascinating journey. Greg Laurie’s age, along with his incredible life story, showcases the significant contributions he has made throughout his career. By understanding his age, we gain a richer perspective on the timeline of events that have shaped Laurie’s ministry and his everlasting influence on those who follow his teachings.

“Greg Laurie’s age of 68 illuminates the remarkable journey he has undertaken in serving the evangelical community and spreading the message of faith.”

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The Inspiring Journey of Pastor Greg Laurie: A Life Dedicated to Faith and Hope

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Pastor Greg Laurie, a renowned figure in the evangelical community, has touched the lives of millions of individuals around the world with his inspiring message of hope, faith, and transformation. With a deep understanding of pain, struggle, and the redeeming power of God’s love, Pastor Greg Laurie has embarked on a remarkable journey that continues to impact lives today.

An Unconventional Road Less Traveled

Born in the year 1952, Greg Laurie’s life was far from conventional. Raised in an environment of chaos and instability, his mother’s multiple divorces and battles with alcohol abuse shaped much of his early years. As a product of the rebellious ’60s, Greg found himself searching for acceptance and love in the wrong places, succumbing to a life of partying, drinking, and drug abuse. However, amidst the emptiness, a glimmer of hope emerged.

A Life-Changing Encounter

In the summer of his senior year in high school, Greg Laurie encountered words of love and everlasting faith that he had never heard before. He discovered the unwavering love of someone who would never leave him, someone he could trust – Jesus Christ. This encounter marked a turning point in Greg’s life, as he made a conscious decision to choose a different road, a road that would lead him to a life dedicated to sharing the truth with others.

The Birth of a Ministry

At the young age of 20, Greg Laurie founded the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, setting the foundation for a ministry that would impact countless lives. Guided by his deep conviction, he began sharing his own experiences, offering hope and guidance to those searching for truth. Over the past 40 years, Pastor Greg Laurie has shared his life-changing message with millions of people around the world, both through his pastoring role at Harvest Christian Fellowship and other ventures of faith.

Spreading Hope on a Grand Scale

One of Pastor Greg Laurie’s most notable contributions is the creation of the Harvest Crusades, large-scale evangelistic events that have attracted massive audiences since their establishment in 1990. Through these gatherings, Greg Laurie has provided a platform for individuals to come together, celebrate their faith, and find solace in the teachings of Jesus Christ. These events have transformed the lives of many, offering a path to redemption, forgiveness, and a deeper understanding of God’s love.

Adapting and Overcoming Challenges

Like many leaders, Pastor Greg Laurie has faced his fair share of challenges, including the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, he quickly adapted to these obstacles by launching the online church program “Harvest at Home.” This innovative initiative became one of the most widely watched internet worship services in America, allowing individuals to continue their spiritual journey even in times of physical isolation.

A Legacy of Faith and Inspiration

Beyond his pastoral duties and evangelistic efforts, Greg Laurie has used his gift of writing to convey messages of faith and inspiration. With over 70 books authored and six films produced and written, he continues to touch the hearts and souls of many individuals. His words have become beacons of hope for those seeking guidance, providing solace and a deeper understanding of the path to spiritual fulfillment.

A Life of Wisdom and Ongoing Impact

Today, at the age of 68, Greg Laurie’s journey is a testament to his wisdom, experience, and ongoing impact on the evangelical community. His ministry, writing, and online services have reached countless individuals, offering them a lifeline of hope and guidance in a world that often feels uncertain. Residing in Newport Beach with his wife Catherine, Greg Laurie’s life is a living example of God’s redeeming power, reminding us all that it is never too late to embark on a journey of faith.

“In this road less traveled, I have found comfort, peace, forgiveness, and fulfillment. And it is my hope that you, too, will join me on this transformative path.”

how old is greg laurie


Question 1

What is Greg Laurie’s date of birth?

Answer 1

Greg Laurie was born on December 10, 1952.

Question 2

How old is Greg Laurie?

Answer 2

As of now, Greg Laurie is 68 years old.

Question 3

When did Greg Laurie found the Harvest Christian Fellowship?

Answer 3

Greg Laurie founded the Harvest Christian Fellowship in 1973 at the age of 20.

Question 4

What is Greg Laurie’s online church program called?

Answer 4

Greg Laurie’s online church program is called “Harvest at Home.”

Question 5

Where does Greg Laurie reside?

Answer 5

Greg Laurie resides in Newport Beach with his wife, Catherine.

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