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Inside Kat Von D’s Luxurious New Mansion: A Celebrity Real Estate Marvel

Step into the lavish world of celebrity real estate as we take an exclusive tour of Kat Von D’s luxurious new mansion. Situated in the heart of opulence, this architectural marvel is more than just a home; it’s a testament to Kat Von D’s impeccable taste and unique personality. From its stunning exterior to its lavish interior, this celebrity abode is packed with architectural wonders, exclusive features, and extravagant amenities that will leave you in awe. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind Kat Von D’s New House, a true masterpiece in the upscale property market.

Kat Von D New House

Kat Von D New House

Kat Von D’s luxurious new mansion in Indiana has become the talk of the town, and for good reason. This celebrity real estate marvel offers a captivating blend of architectural wonders, unique features, and lavish amenities that truly set it apart in the upscale property market.

What makes Kat Von D’s new house stand out is not just its opulence, but also the intriguing story behind it. After selling her gothic California mansion for a staggering $7.75 million, Kat Von D made a bold decision to leave Los Angeles and embark on a new chapter in Indiana, alongside her sister and mother. And what a chapter it is turning out to be.

The Indiana mansion, with an initial asking price of $1.87 million, is a sight to behold. Nestled in the heart of picturesque surroundings, this stunning residence boasts 13 fireplaces and even includes a vineyard. But here’s where things get interesting – the house is rumored to be haunted. This adds an extra layer of mystique and charm to Kat Von D’s new abode.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the architectural wonders that await inside. From the moment you step foot in the mansion, you’re transported into a world of luxury and elegance. The attention to detail is simply extraordinary. Every corner reveals another carefully crafted masterpiece, showcasing Kat Von D’s impeccable taste and style.

The bedrooms in Kat Von D’s new house are nothing short of breathtaking. Each one is a sanctuary of tranquility, with ornate designs and meticulous attention to detail. You can almost imagine yourself drifting off to sleep, surrounded by luxurious fabrics and the gentle glow of the fireplaces.

Moving on to the bathrooms, prepare to be amazed. Moody, yet inviting, the bathrooms in Kat Von D’s mansion are a true work of art. With unique features and sumptuous finishes, these spaces offer a sense of indulgence and relaxation like no other. It’s almost as if stepping into one of these bathrooms is like stepping into a different world.

But the wonders don’t end there. Kat Von D’s new house also boasts a library and a theater, providing spaces for intellectual exploration and entertainment. The library is a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination, while the theater promises unforgettable movie nights filled with laughter, tears, and shared experiences.

And let’s not forget about the blood-red pool that made headlines in her California mansion. While it’s not clear if the Indiana mansion includes a similar pool, one thing is for certain – Kat Von D has a knack for creating unique and memorable spaces.

Despite her controversial past, Kat Von D continues to evolve and captivate the public’s attention. Her transformation, both in terms of her personal journey and her new house, is a testament to her resilience and artistic vision.

In conclusion, Kat Von D’s luxurious new mansion in Indiana is a true celebrity real estate marvel. With its architectural wonders, unique features, and lavish amenities, it offers a glimpse into the opulence and creativity that define the world of celebrity real estate. So take a step inside, and let yourself be enchanted by the allure of Kat Von D’s new kingdom.

“Kat Von D’s new house is not just a mansion, it’s a testament to her unique style and creative vision.”

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Kat Von D’s Luxurious $15 Million Indiana Mansion and More

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Kat Von D, the famous Mexican-American tattoo artist turned cosmetics entrepreneur, has recently made headlines with her decision to close her renowned Los Angeles tattoo parlor and move to Indiana for a quieter life with her husband and son. As part of this new chapter, she has also put her gothic Victorian mansion in Los Angeles up for sale. But fear not, as Kat has found another fascinating property to call home in Indiana – the historic Shank Mansion. Here, we will explore the luxurious features of both of these properties and delve into the haunting stories associated with the new residence.

Kat Von D’s Gothic Victorian Mansion in Los Angeles

Kat Von D’s Los Angeles mansion, located in the historic Windsor Square neighborhood, is a sight to behold. Built in the 1890s by Isaac Newton Van Nuys, the founder of the nearby Van Nuys neighborhood, the mansion boasts a gothic style and unique features that reflect Kat’s artistic vision. Purchased by Kat for $6.5 million in 2016, the mansion has undergone a complete renovation to transform it into her gothic dream home.

Inside the three-story mansion, there are 13 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and seven fireplaces. The wood-paneled living room and library exude elegance and sophistication, with high ceilings, ornate fireplaces, and impressive chandeliers. The dining room features stained glass windows and red accents, creating a dramatic ambiance. The sprawling French-style ballroom, with its painted ceiling, adds an air of grandeur to the space. The kitchen, designed in gothic style, is adorned with dark woods and vintage chic appliances.

The second floor of the mansion houses five regal bedrooms, each with its own unique personality. From plush red curtains and accents to gloomy murals on the walls, these bedrooms exude charm and character. The bathrooms, with their polished marble floors and intricate details, provide a luxurious retreat within the mansion.

In addition to the main residence, there is a two-bedroom guest apartment above the garage, complete with a turntable driveway. Outside, the blood-red swimming pool, adorned with stately statues, adds to the gothic aesthetic of the property.

Kat Von D’s Haunted Shank Mansion in Indiana

While bidding farewell to her Los Angeles mansion, Kat Von D has chosen a new residence in Vevay, Indiana – the infamous Shank Mansion. Purchased for just over $1.5 million in December 2020, this historic mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is known for its haunted tales.

Built in the 1700s and designed by Cincinnati architect George P. Humphries, the Shank Mansion has a rich history. It was originally constructed for Benjamin Franklin Shank, the son of a successful businessman. Sadly, Benjamin passed away after only two years in the mansion. Over the years, the mansion has served various purposes, from hosting events to being rented out as apartments and even operating as a bed and breakfast.

Spanning over 12,000 square feet on 10.6 acres of land, the Shank Mansion offers a stunning array of features. With a four-story tower, seven balconies, 13 fireplaces, and four porches, the mansion exudes grandeur and elegance. It comes fully furnished with original antiques, dishes, and silverware, adding to its historic charm.

Inside, the mansion boasts 35 rooms, including seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The bedrooms are complemented by the original copper lines and walnut tubs, giving a glimpse into the mansion’s past. The common areas, such as the grand entryway and vintage-style kitchen, are equally impressive.

The exterior of the Shank Mansion is adorned with gardens, multiple fountains, waterfalls, a vineyard, and a gazebo. While its beauty is undeniable, the mansion is also known for its haunting stories. Legend has it that the mansion was built over the ruins of a previous structure that burnt down, trapping a couple inside. Guests who stayed at the mansion when it operated as a bed and breakfast reported encounters with ghostly figures, lights flickering, and unexplained sounds throughout the property.

Kat Von D’s Journey Continues

As Kat Von D embarks on this new chapter of her life, it is clear that her real estate choices reflect her unique style and taste. From the gothic Victorian mansion in Los Angeles to the haunted Shank Mansion in Indiana, her properties are a testament to her resilience and artistic vision. With each move, Kat showcases her ability to transform spaces and create homes that are truly extraordinary.

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Kat Von D New House


Question 1

What is the asking price for Kat Von D’s new house in Indiana?

Answer 1

Kat Von D’s new house in Indiana was initially listed for $1.87 million.

Question 2

How much did Kat Von D sell her California mansion for?

Answer 2

Kat Von D sold her gothic California mansion for $7.75 million.

Question 3

Why did Kat Von D decide to purchase a home in Indiana?

Answer 3

Kat Von D announced her decision to leave Los Angeles and buy a home in Indiana to be closer to her sister and mother.

Question 4

Where was Kat Von D baptized into Christianity?

Answer 4

Kat Von D was baptized into Christianity in her local Indiana church.

Question 5

What are some unique features of Kat Von D’s new Indiana mansion?

Answer 5

Kat Von D’s new Indiana mansion is reportedly “haunted” and boasts a vineyard and 13 fireplaces.

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