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Unearthing Free Music Gems: Where DJs Score Their Tracks

Are you curious about the secret world of DJs? Have you ever wondered where these musical wizards find their incredible tracks? Well, prepare to be amazed as we dive into the underground realm of free music gems. In this article titled “Unearthing Free Music Gems: Where DJs Score Their Tracks,” we will uncover the clandestine sources and platforms that DJs rely on to discover their sonic treasures. From hidden online communities to industry connections and expert scouting skills, we will explore the fascinating world of how DJs procure their music without spending a dime. So, get ready to be captivated by the strategies and ethics behind these musical scavengers as they curate the perfect sets for their adoring fans.

Where Do DJs Get Their Music for Free?

As an aspiring DJ, you may find yourself wondering where DJs source their music for free. After all, building an impressive music collection is essential for curating exceptional DJ sets. Luckily, there are several platforms and resources available for DJs to access and download free music. In this article, we’ll explore these hidden gems and shed some light on how DJs discover and acquire their tracks without breaking the bank.

Open Music Platforms: Beatport and Free Music Archive

When it comes to open music platforms that offer a wide range of songs for free, Beatport and Free Music Archive (FMA) are the go-to choices for DJs. Beatport, in particular, has gained immense popularity among DJs due to its large catalog and high-quality audio formats. On this platform, you’ll find a plethora of genres and styles to choose from, allowing you to discover unique tracks that align with your DJing style.

Similarly, Free Music Archive (FMA) offers thousands of songs in various genres and licenses. This platform is a treasure trove for DJs who are looking to explore different musical styles and experiment with their sets. From hip-hop to electronica, FMA has it all – and the best part? It’s completely free!

“Open music platforms like Beatport and Free Music Archive provide DJs with a diverse collection of songs in different genres, ensuring they are equipped with the perfect tracks to create unforgettable DJ sets.”

Artist Union: Connecting DJs with Free Music

Artist Union takes a different approach to providing DJs with free music. Here, DJs can download tracks by subscribing to the author on a social network. This platform allows DJs to connect with artists and download their music for free as a way of supporting their work. It’s a win-win situation, as DJs can access new and exciting tracks while simultaneously promoting the artists they love.

“Artist Union enables DJs to discover hidden gems and build connections with talented artists, fostering a sense of community within the music industry.”

Other Websites and Resources for Free Music

Beyond the open music platforms and Artist Union, there are various websites and resources that DJs can explore to uncover free music. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  • StartingToDJ.com: This website offers a wide range of free music resources and tips for aspiring DJs.
  • StarterDJ.com: A platform dedicated to helping beginners kickstart their DJing journey, featuring free music downloads and guides.
  • DJCubillan.com: A hub for DJs to discover free tracks, tutorials, and industry insights from experienced DJs.
  • DigitalDJTips.com: The ultimate resource for all things DJing, including valuable information on where to find free music.
  • MusConv.com: This platform allows DJs to transfer and sync music from one music streaming service to another, potentially accessing free trials or limited-time offers from various platforms.
  • DJProTips.com: An online community for DJs that offers free music downloads, tutorials, and industry insights.
  • TheDJRevolution.com: A website dedicated to supporting DJs with free music downloads, gear reviews, and helpful articles.
  • Thimble.com: Thimble is a platform that offers a curated selection of royalty-free music, perfect for DJs looking to enhance their sets legally.
  • ZipDJ.com: ZipDJ is a DJ-friendly music pool that provides DJs with curated content, including exclusive remixes and promo releases.
  • HomeDJStudio.com: A resource hub specifically for DJs setting up their home studios, offering free music downloads and helpful guides.
  • AudioCaptain.com: AudioCaptain offers free music downloads, sample packs, and resources for DJs and producers.
  • UntappedSound.com: A platform for independent artists to share their music with the world, providing DJs with access to fresh and unique tracks.

“The internet is brimming with websites and resources catering to the needs of DJs, allowing them to unearth hidden gems and expand their music library without spending a dime. These platforms provide a valuable springboard for emerging talent, while also offering established DJs exciting new tracks to add to their arsenal.”

In conclusion, DJs have a plethora of options to explore when it comes to sourcing free music. From Beatport and Free Music Archive to Artist Union and a range of dedicated websites, the possibilities are endless. By leveraging these platforms ethically, DJs can curate outstanding sets, showcase their musical expertise, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

So why wait? Dive into the world of free music resources, and unlock a universe of sound that will elevate your DJing game to new heights. After all, the best things in life are often free, and the same goes for exceptional DJ tracks!

“With a keen ear for quality, a passion for music, and the right resources at their disposal, DJs can effortlessly discover and download free music to craft unforgettable DJ sets.”

DJs are always on the hunt for fresh beats and unique tracks that will make their sets stand out from the competition. But have you ever wondered: Where do DJs get their music? The answer might surprise you. While some DJs rely on their own personal collections or the traditional route of record stores, many have turned to the digital world for their music needs. Online platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp have become virtual treasure troves for DJs, offering a vast selection of tracks from up-and-coming artists and established producers alike. Additionally, DJ pools and record labels often provide exclusive access to new releases and remixes, giving DJs the chance to stay ahead of the curve. So if you’re curious about the secret sources behind those banging beats, click here to uncover the mystery of where DJs get their music: Where Do DJs Get Their Music

Where DJs Find Music in 2023 (+ Free Music Pack)

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In the digital age, DJs have an abundance of options when it comes to finding music for their sets. From DJ pools and streaming services to independent platforms and record stores, the opportunities are endless. In this article, we will explore the various sources where DJs can discover and download music in 2023. We will also introduce a brand new music pack that is available for free, providing DJs with a wide range of tracks to enhance their sets.

DJ Pools: Tried and Tested

One of the most popular and reliable sources for DJs to find music is through DJ pools. These subscription-based services offer a vast library of tracks that can be downloaded directly onto a hard drive for use in DJ software. Some well-known DJ pools include BPM Supreme, DJ City, Digital DJ Pool, ZIP DJ, The Mashup, Doing the Damage, DMS, and Digital Music Pool. Each pool offers its own unique features, curated playlists, and genre-specific options. DJs can choose a subscription plan that suits their needs, whether it’s a monthly fee, a three-month fee, or an annual fee.

Streaming Services: The Quickest Growing Source

Streaming has become increasingly popular among DJs as a convenient and cost-effective way to access a vast collection of music. Platforms like Beat Source Link, Beatport Link, TIDAL, SoundCloud Go, and Deezer offer affordable monthly subscriptions that allow DJs to stream tracks directly into their DJ software. While streaming services provide easy access to a wide range of music, DJs need to keep in mind that they do not own the music. This means that a stable internet connection is required for live DJ sets, and recording mixes may have limitations due to copyright restrictions. However, streaming services continue to improve their offline storage capabilities, allowing DJs to store a certain number of tracks for offline use.

Free Music: The Treasure Trove

For DJs on a budget or looking to discover new artists, there are numerous sources for free music. The Crossfader Music Pack 2021 offers a wide variety of genres, including pop, drum and bass, techno, hip-hop, trap, Afro beats, garage, bass house, EDM, and house music. DJs can download these tracks for free and unleash their creativity. Additionally, websites like the Free Music Archive and YouTube provide a wealth of uncopyrighted free music that DJs can explore. Some DJs also use platforms like Hypeddit, Inflight, and Shazam to discover and download free tracks or engage with artists for promotional purposes.

Individual Track Purchases: The Classics

For DJs who prefer to have complete ownership of their tracks, purchasing individual songs from online stores remains a popular option. Platforms like Beatport, iTunes, and Beat Source Link offer a vast selection of tracks across various genres for DJs to browse, preview, and download. These platforms not only cater to electronic music but also provide a diverse collection of songs for DJs of all genres.

Samples and Effects: Enhancing the DJ Experience

In addition to full tracks, DJs often incorporate samples and effects into their mixes to add an extra layer of creativity and excitement. Sample banks like Splice and Loot Masters offer a wide range of effects and DJ-specific samples that DJs can incorporate into their sets. These platforms usually operate on a subscription basis, allowing DJs to access a certain number of credits each month. DJs can also create their own sample packs or explore platforms like BPM Create for more options.


In conclusion, DJs in 2023 have a multitude of options when it comes to finding and downloading music. From DJ pools and streaming services to free music packs and individual track purchases, the possibilities are endless. DJs can curate exceptional sets and showcase their skills by leveraging these various platforms and resources. Whether they prefer paid services or free downloads, DJs can easily discover and integrate new music into their repertoire, ensuring unforgettable DJ experiences for themselves and their audience.


Q: What are some platforms DJs can use to obtain music for free?

A: DJs can obtain music for free from open music platforms like Beatport and Free Music Archive, as well as DJ streaming platforms.

Q: What types of song versions are available on open music platforms?

A: Open music platforms like Beatport and Free Music Archive offer a wide range of song versions, including extended, acapella, and instrumental versions.

Q: Can you tell me more about Beatport?

A: Beatport is a popular open music platform with a large catalog and high-quality audio formats. DJs can discover and download free music from this platform.

Q: What is Free Music Archive (FMA)?

A: Free Music Archive (FMA) is another open music platform that houses thousands of songs in different genres and licenses. DJs can explore this platform to find and download free music.

Q: Are there any websites or resources specifically designed for DJs to access free music?

A: Yes, there are various websites and resources available for DJs to access and download free music. Some examples include startingtodj.com, starterdj.com, djcubillan.com, digitaldjtips.com, musconv.com, djprotips.com, thedjrevolution.com, thimble.com, zipdj.com, homedjstudio.com, audiocaptain.com, and untappedsound.com.

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