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Unveiling Deitrick Haddon’s Marital Journey: Discover His Current Partner and Past Relationships

Unveiling Deitrick Haddon’s Marital Journey: Discover His Current Partner and Past Relationships

who is deitrick haddon married to

For anyone enticed by the fascinating lives of public figures, there’s no denying the allure of exploring the personal relationships of high-profile individuals. In the realm of music and celebrities, one name that often sparks curiosity is Deitrick Haddon. As a seasoned entertainment journalist with a profound passion for unraveling the captivating details of musicians’ lives, my expertise lies in delivering well-researched and intriguing articles. With a keen eye for unearthing lesser-known facts, I aim to shed light on Haddon’s love life in this article, as we delve into his current partner, past marriages, and the remarkable challenges and triumphs he has encountered in his personal relationships. Throughout, we will maintain a balanced and respectful perspective, ensuring a captivating and informative journey into the marital world of Deitrick Haddon.

Who is Deitrick Haddon Married To?

Deitrick Haddon, the renowned gospel singer and cast member on Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA,” has certainly had an eventful marital journey. Fans have been curious to know about his current partner and past relationships. Let’s dive into the intriguing details of Deitrick Haddon’s love life and discover who he is married to now.

In July 2013, Deitrick Haddon exchanged vows with his current wife, Dominique Haddon. After going through a divorce from his first wife, Damita Haddon, whom he was married to for over 15 years, Deitrick found love again with Dominique.

This union between Deitrick and Dominique has been fruitful, with the couple welcoming three beautiful children into the world. Their little ones serve as a testament to their enduring love and commitment to each other.

Throughout Deitrick’s personal and professional ups and downs, Dominique has stood by his side, providing unwavering support. She has been a true pillar of strength, offering her love and encouragement during both the challenges and triumphs of their relationship.

Deitrick Haddon’s marriage to Dominique is a reflection of his growth as an individual and artist. While his musical success has been remarkable, with albums like “Lost & Found,” “Crossroads,” “7 Days,” “Revealed,” and “Church on the Moon” climbing the charts, his partnership with Dominique signifies a deeper connection that has undoubtedly shaped him in profound ways.

As the founders and senior pastors of Hill City Church in Los Angeles, Deitrick and Dominique Haddon continue to inspire and impact others through their shared love and faith. Their commitment to their spiritual journey and to helping others find their path has become an essential part of their marital bond.

In conclusion, Deitrick Haddon’s marital journey has taken him through different chapters, from his first marriage to Damita to his current partnership with Dominique Haddon. Through it all, Dominique has been the rock in his life, supporting him through the highs and lows. Together, they have built a beautiful family and embarked on a shared mission to spread love, faith, and inspiration to those around them. Their love story serves as a reminder that love can triumph over any adversity.

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Title: Deitrick Haddon’s Wife Twerks on Him at Birthday Party: Celebrating Differences and Challenging Hypocrisy

[youtube v=”E1IX44CVzCo”]

Deitrick Haddon, a renowned gospel singer and pastor, recently celebrated his 50th birthday in style. However, a particular moment from the festivities attracted mixed reactions from the public. Haddon’s wife, Dominique McIntyre, playfully twerked on him during the party, causing quite a stir. In this article, we will delve into the controversy surrounding this incident and explore larger questions of celebrating differences and challenging societal hypocrisy.

Debunking Hypocrisy and Embracing Individuality:
The incident involving Haddon and his wife at the birthday party has sparked several discussions online. However, before passing judgments and criticizing their actions, it is crucial to consider a few points. Firstly, Haddon and McIntyre have been happily married for over a decade and have three children together. Instead of celebrating their commitment and longevity, certain individuals seem fixated on finding fault. This begs the question: Are we too quick to condemn others for simply being themselves?

Embracing Differences:
It is pertinent to acknowledge the power of celebrating individuality and diversity within relationships. Every couple has their unique way of expressing love and affection. In this case, Haddon and McIntyre found joy in playfully dancing together, reflecting their shared sense of intimacy and connection. When considering this incident, it is important to remember that personal boundaries and comfort levels vary between individuals and relationships. What might seem inappropriate or offensive to some could be a harmless expression of love and celebration for others.

The Double Standards:
As a religious figure, Haddon’s actions may be under more scrutiny than those of everyday individuals. However, it is essential to recognize the inherent hypocrisy in holding Haddon accountable for his behavior while ignoring similar actions displayed by others within religious settings. The video of Haddon and McIntyre evoked heated discussions, yet instances of individuals within church communities showcasing questionable behavior often go unnoticed or are overlooked.

Learning to Disagree Respectfully:
Haddon, responding to the backlash, made a valid point about the need to learn how to disagree without resorting to disrespect. It is crucial to foster an environment where open dialogue and diverse perspectives are welcomed. Demonizing others for differing opinions only perpetuates division and intolerance. Celebrating our differences and engaging in respectful conversations can lead to a more inclusive society that values growth and understanding.

The Power of Love and Acceptance:
Rather than focusing solely on scrutinizing public figures, let us redirect our attention towards appreciating the love and support between Haddon and McIntyre. Celebrating their strong partnership, successful black marriage, and milestone birthdays is more meaningful than fixating on trivial matters. These discussions should serve as reminders to prioritize our own relationships and ensure we are nurturing them with love, respect, and acceptance.

The incident involving Deitrick Haddon and his wife, Dominique McIntyre, at Haddon’s 50th birthday party has revealed the underlying intolerance and hypocrisy prevalent in society. Instead of passing judgments, let us celebrate the diversity within relationships and engage in conversations that promote respect and understanding. By challenging societal norms and embracing individuality, we can build a more inclusive world that values love, acceptance, and growth.

who is deitrick haddon married to


Question 1

Who is Deitrick Haddon married to?

Answer 1

Deitrick Haddon is currently married to Dominique Haddon. They got married in July 2013.

Question 2

Who was Deitrick Haddon’s first wife?

Answer 2

Deitrick Haddon’s first wife was Damita Haddon. They were married for over 15 years before divorcing.

Question 3

How many children does Deitrick Haddon have with Dominique Haddon?

Answer 3

Deitrick Haddon and Dominique Haddon have three children together.

Question 4

What role has Dominique Haddon played in Deitrick Haddon’s life?

Answer 4

Dominique Haddon has been a pillar of support for Deitrick during his difficult times.

Question 5

What are some of Deitrick Haddon’s successful albums?

Answer 5

Deitrick Haddon has released several successful albums, including “Lost & Found” in 2002, “Crossroads” in 2004, “7 Days” in 2006, “Revealed” in 2008, and “Church on the Moon” in 2012. His album “Church on the Moon” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel charts and No. 65 on the Billboard 200.

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